ARI's Payment Processors

As an ARI User – you can receive payments on your Online Invoices with the world’s most renowned payment networks.

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Get paid online on your auto repair invoices with PayPal and ARI.  With PayPal’s advanced payment network, you get fast, reliable, and convenient transactions.

Start by connecting your PayPal account to ARI and receive client payments instantly. 


You can get online payments for invoices with Square. ARI fully integrates with Square, giving you more reliable and accessible online payment options.

See how to set it up and use it in the app!


Stipe provides flexible payment solutions to online vendors.  With Stripe and ARI – you can send auto repair invoices and get paid online easily.

Set up your Stripe account and connect it to ARI for reliable online payments. 

360 Payments

360 is a well-established payment processor in the automotive field. Their rates and solutions are appropriate for mechanics, repair shops, and auto dealers.

Start by connecting your 360 account to ARI and receive client payments in a matter of minutes. 

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