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Auto Shop Clients Management

Easily add, edit, and manage your auto shop clients, contact details, address, and much more!

We don’t put any limit on how many vehicle owners you store.

Unlimited Clients

Add as many clients as you need!

Easy Management

Find and manage your customers with ease!

Billing Statement

Generate client statements on the go!

Keep Track of Your Auto Shop Clients

– how ARI helps you manage your customers –

Import Contacts

– transfer client info from your device to your auto repair software –

ARI comes with a contacts import feature out of the box. Basically, you can easily use info already stored on your device so that you don’t have to type all the client data manually.

You can store info such as name, contact info, address, shipping location, geolocation, email, and notes.

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Address Recognition

– get the current address and invoice faster –

Are you providing mobile car repair services? Do you happen to still use paper invoices forms for your auto shop clients? With ARI you can automate most of your auto repair shop management functions, including address collection.

ARI comes with an address recognition function that allows you to get the current address and populate it in the client’s field. This and many other similar functions will allow you to create auto repair invoices in minutes!

Search, Filter, and Sort Your Auto Shop Clients

–¬† manipulate your auto shop clients easily and confidently¬† –

It may not seem like much at first, but having an easy and reliable way to search, filter, and sort your client database is a must-have for any serious auto repair shop owner. You will use these functions daily, and the more your client base increases, the more important these features will become.

ARI team has put a great deal of effort into making sure that you have an easy way to browse through your client database. What’s even better is that the auto repair software will remember your settings so you won’t have to filter and sort the same data every time you open the app.

client sorting on ARI laptop

auto shop client labels in ari on ipad

Label Your Auto Shop Clients

– manage notes with ease –

Do you have a habit to leave notes all the time about your clients? Wouldn’t it be easier if you can just add custom labels to your auto shop client base and then be able to search by those labels? With ARI you can create unlimited labels so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

QuickBooks Sync

– send your clients to QuickBooks –

Are you using QuickBooks for your accounting? Do you want to continue to use it but still love the many custom features ARI comes with? No worries – we have created functionality so you can easily sync your auto shop clients between ARI and QuickBooks easily and seamlessly.

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