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5 clients 

5 invoices

5 Vehicles

5 Car Inspections

NO Custom Templates

Limited Inventory 

Limited Accounting

Limited Activity Logs 



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Unlimited Clients

Unlimted Invoices

Unlimited Vehicles

Unlimited car Inspections

7 Custom Templates

Unlimited Inventory

Unlimited Accounting

Unlimited Activity Logs

Multiple Devices & Users


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Unlimited Clients

Unlimted Invoices

Unlimited Vehicles

Unlimited car Inspections

7 Custom Templates

Unlimited Inventory

Unlimited Accounting

Unlimited Activity Logs

Multiple Devices & Users

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ARI Auto Repair Software

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Renewals and Cancellations

No contracts and no surprises, that’s our promise to you. If you own a plan and you want to cancel, then you can do it at any time from the ARI Settings. Would you like to upgrade from monthly to a yearly plan and save money? You can do that easily right from the app. Contact support if you need help with your payment!

Customer Support

We believe in no limits and no restrictions. Once you sign up for any paid plan, then you’ll have full access to all features of the app and no restrictions whatsoever. Unlike many other auto repair software, we don’t lock you into a contract and we don’t put you to choose between multiple payment plans.

Other Ways to Purchase

The best way to purchase ARI (Auto Repair Software) is to create an account first via the app and then go to ARI Settings/Subscriptions and choose the right plan for you. You can also do pay with PayPal or credit card straight from the table above, just make sure you write us an email to confirm your payment so we can speed up the activation process.

Free Trial Terms

ARI operates on a freemium model. This means that you can signup for free and try out the app for a limited number of invoices. This will allow you to test the auto repair software before you even consider buying. If you like it and believe it will save your auto repair shop money down the road, then we’re sure you will choose to purchase it.

Common Pricing Questions

Should I Pay Any Setup Fee aside from the Auto Repair Software Price?

There is NO setup fee for ARI. As a freemium model, the auto repair software price comes in only if you decide to get serious about your business and purchase plan. But you can still try the app for free!

Aside from the mobile app, do you have a cloud version?

Absolutely. Although we recommend using our mobile apps whenever possible, you can still access the web version of ARI on any browser and from any device connected to the Internet.  Check our auto repair app Web version

Can I install ARI on my PC?

If you prefer to have a Windows program on your PC, then you can easily download our ARI for Windows here. Make sure you follow the instructions from the installation guide!

Is there a limit for users or devices?

No, there is no limit on how many users you can add to ARI as long as you have opted for a paid account. In addition, you can also install the program on all your devices, including Android, iOS, Windows or the browser.

How can I change/cancel my plan?

You can cancel, downgrade, or upgrade your auto repair software plan at any time either from the ARI Settings menu or by writing to our support team for assistance! If you used PayPal for your ARI subscription, then you can cancel your recurring payment from the dashboard.

Do I get any Free credits?

Yes, every plan comes with some free credits included. However, it’s important to note that you don’t really need any credits in order to use the app. The credits are used only on one particular section of ARI and that is the Advance Car Diagnose powered by CarMD.

Can I make any changes to the auto repair software?

The ARI team has put tremendous effort into making this one of the most customizable and flexible auto repair software on the market. However, we understand that every auto repair business is unique and each business owner would like to customize their program even more. So, from that perspective, we are very perceptive to your feedback. Make sure you get in touch with us if you have any recommendations for ARI.

How many invoices can I create per month?

There is NO limit on how many invoices you can create per month as long as you have a paid plan. The trial version allows you to create 5 invoices after which the app will prompt you to subscribe in order to create more! Check our terms and conditions for more info

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