Welcome To ARI's Official Video Library

ARI – The Ultimate Auto Repair App

ARI(Auto Repair Software) has all the features needed for complete auto repair management. Watch the video and learn why we are on track to becoming the most-trusted app in the industry.

Profile Setup Video

Learn how to set up your profile in ARI with the respective business data, logos, taxes, labor markup, and employee info.

Demo of Basic Features

In this video – you will learn how to use ARI’s three most common features:

  • Creating Client Records
  • Adding Vehicles
  • Sending Invoices


Accounting Features in ARI

Dive in for a detailed tour of our accounting feature. You will learn how to use it for expense, income tracking, and purchase management.

Vehicle Inspections Explainer

Vehicle Inspections are one of ARI’s most valuable tools. Learn how to create detailed inspection reports and checklists with this tutorial.

Online Appointments in ARI

Here we will explain how to create online appointments, approve them, and change their status. 

Time Tracking in ARI

Learn how to use Time Tracking in ARI for your employees and their activities daily.

Payments Tracking in ARI

This video tutorial is about Payments Tracking and its standard use cases.

  • Online Payments in ARI

Here we will show you how to add an online payment processor ARI. Once the setup is completed – you will see a “Pay Now” button appear on your online Invoices. Which allows clients to pay you directly. 

We support the payment processors:

  • Square
  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • 360Payments

And Wisetack as a Financing processor.