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ARI for iOS

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Click on the button above to be redirected to the ARI listing on the official Apple Store. Download and install the auto repair app for iOS on your device just like you would with any other app. Login using your ARI credentials or signup for a new account if you don’t have one already. Enjoy ARI on iOS!

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ARI for iPhone

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Except for mobility and comfort, there are many other benefits of using the ARI for iPhone app. Here are some of the best advantages of being able to access your auto repair business from your iPhone:

And there are many other benefits of installing the ARI for iPhone app. Obviously, it is free and comes at absolutely no additional cost to you.

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ARI for iPad

– use our auto repair app on your iPad device for a better experience –

ARI works great on iPads. That’s because the screen is bigger and so it’s much easier to type and create estimates or invoices. in addition, our mechanics have reported that building inspections on ARI for iPads is really one of the easiest things they’ve done in a long time.

As an auto repair business owner, you can also check stats and reports in order to make sure that your business is running smoothly and stays profitable.


–  access ARI from your desk –

As of iOS 15, you should be able to download and use any iOS app from the Apple Store right inside your Mac. ARI is designed to work the same regardless of the device is running on. The info is synced to the cloud and then distributed to all your devices.

In case your Mac is not compatible with ARI, then you can still use the Web Version on any Apple device connected to the Internet.

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– everything you need to know about ARI for iOS-

Here are some questions we get asked by our clients who use our auto repair app for iOS on their iPhones or iPads.


How to update ARI on my Apple device?

In general, Apple makes sure to automatically update your ARI app when a new version is being rolled out. However, in case that does not happen and you know for sure you’re not using the latest version, then we suggest you follow the ARI update guide.


Can I purchase ARI Pro from inside the app?

Absolutely you can. Simply go to ARI Settings/Subscriptions and choose the monthly or yearly plan. You will be able to check out using your iCloud id. You can also manage your subscription from your iTunes


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