Auto Repair Software Features

Everything you need to manage your shop, in one easy-to-use platform!

Comprehensive Solution

ARI is packed with features that will help you no matter what business management problem you are facing.

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Mechanic Friendly

All members of your repair shop can use our software! No specific technical skills are required.

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Easy to Use

We’ve built this app with the support and feedback of thousands of mechanics and shop owners. We are making it easier for you to navigate around.

Why ARI is the Best Shop Management Software?

Get a glimpse of every feature that we offer.


Create invoices on the go and sent them to your clients in minutes. Customize your invoice templates by adding your shop’s logo, changing color, adjusting the header, and much more. Never miss a payment with online payment options and rest assured that all your due invoices are handled on time.

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estimates on a laptop


Auto repair estimates are the building block to any repair shop. They are the first thing your clients see before they even get a chance to check your garage. So make sure you create and send proper estimates to your customers.

Vehicle Inspections

ARI comes with a comprehensive list of 30+ check items. In most cases, that should be more than enough to ensure a thorough inspection. However, for those mechanics who want to go above and beyond, we offer the possibility to create their own custom checklists. In addition to that, you can also mark damage reports straight on your device so that’s clear where the damaged areas are located.

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Client Management

Add, edit, delete, and manage your shop’s customers

Client management is at the base of any business, especially auto repair. We want to make sure that you have full control over your customer database, and that is why we have added extended functionality such as sort, filter, search, vehicle ownership, billing statement, and much more!

Vehicle Management

Keep good control over the cars that go in and out of your garage.

From license plate reading to services history, ARI comes with all the necessary tools to manage your vehicle database. What’s even more impressive is that we do not charge you base on how many vehicles you register.

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estimates on a laptop

Job Cards & Work Orders

Assign work, track labor times, approve jobs.

As the best auto repair software, ARI comes with one of the best job card templates in the automotive industry. You can assign work to your mechanics, track working times, and even allow your clients to approve or decline recommended repair services for their vehicle. They can do all that online and you can notify them automatically at every step of the process.

Inventory Management

Manage your auto parts, services, and canned items like a true shop boss.

Are you looking for a CRM system for your auto repair shop inventory? Do you want to keep track of your stock right from your mobile device? Look no further because, aside from many other auto repair software features,  ARI comes with a truly remarkable CRM system designed specifically for car repair shops.

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Accounting Features

Take control over your shop’s expenses, purchases, and income.

Tired of missing due invoices and not being paid on time? So you have a hard time keeping your auto repair shop’s accounting in place? Using ARI, you can take full control over how much money goes into and out of your car repair business.


Reports and Statistics

Monitor every aspect of your auto repair business with ARI’s advanced analytics.

Whether you want to check your monthly profit or your mechanics’ labor times, this auto repair software ensures you that there is a report you can pull for your need. View beautifully-designed graphs for your paid invoices, sales, and even due payments!

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time tracking on a tablet

Time Tracking

Monitor and manage the activity of your employees with ARI’s time-tracking tools. Clock in and clock out different mechanics, technicians, or other members of your staff whenever they start or finish a specific task. Assign clocks to employees, filter the data, and create exports you can later attach to your employee’s section.


Keep track of all your auto repair booking appointments with ARI 

Forget about third-party calendar apps and booking systems, you can easily keep all your auto repair appointments inside ARI. This functionality offers immense power to auto repair shops by taking the hassle out of the booking process. Your clients will love this and you will be having more business than ever.

Aside from having a calendar inside ARI, you also have an online booking feature. This allows you to generate a unique link that you can share with your clients. They can use that link to book an appointment with your shop from the comfort of their homes.

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client portal on a laptop

Client Portal

ARI’s client portal is a unique feature that lets your clients monitor all their relevant business information with your shop in a single place. With its help – they can see their due invoices, vehicles, upcoming appointments, and other crucial info. They can even issue deposits, and direct payments, interact with you via live chat, or book their next appointment in your shop.

Labor Guides

You can use ARI to view detailed labor guides, create labor estimates, and utilize many labor-related tools. Choose your desired vehicle – and the system will identify it and pull its relevant specs. Furthermore, you can use wireframes, component locations, repair procedures, and more when you decide to enter the detailed view.

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obd connect to ARI

OBD2 Scanner

Read live engine metrics and reset check engine lights

ARI supports OBD2 scanning via any dongle that uses the ELM327 chip. All you have to do is plug in the dongle and then monitor live parameters coming from your car’s computer unit. You can also delete errors stored in the ECU.

Service Reminders

Notify your clients when car repair service is due. 

Thanks to ARI’s automatic auto repair service reminder functionality, you can rest assured that you don’t have to call your clients and remind them when the next oil service is due. Our software will keep track of all your service reminders and send automatic emails to your clients 1 week before their car service is due.

Furthermore, you can print reminder stickers that you can then attach to your client’s vehicle to remind them about the next due service. This is a great way to get clients back to your shop!

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payments tracking on an iphone ari

Clients Payments

Process and track your invoice payments.

ARI offers the possibility to create unlimited payment records. This will allow you to keep a very close eye on how, when, and where your invoices are paid. Make sure you take advantage of this crucial feature so your clients never miss a payment deadline ever again

In addition to tracking, you can also process payments online. All you need to do is connect ARI with Strips and start taking online payments in an instant

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