ARI(Auto Repair Software) Demo

Have a sneak peek of our software before using it for your work. Test the features and see if it’s the right fit for you.
Use the demo accounts freely to do whatever you want – the changes won’t affect real-time clients.

Shop Owners Demo

Suitable for mechanics, technicians, auto repair shops, auto delarships and others.

Use the following credentials to open the demo account:
username: demo@ari.app
password: demo123ari

⚠️ This is a demo account with dummy data –
use it only for test purposes, not for real work!

Use the demo account to send invoices, and create estimates and work orders. Add clients, vehicles, parts, and services. Try the vehicle inspections feature, VIN Decoder, service reminders, and other shop management tools. 
*Every demo feature works the same in the main app. 

Client Portal Demo

Suitable for all vehicle owners and auto care customers.

Use the following credentials to open the demo client portal:
clientID: 61697fa277b3b900114a6c82
userID: aeps08U17V36UGhsZ4nS

Explore the ARI Client Portal and see how clients interact with you. Check out the invoicing, payments, vehicles, and booking summaries. Test the live chat and other features. 

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Like what you see? Create a free account and start using ARI for your daily workflow.