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Let clients pay online invoices with Square.
ARI has integrated Square to give you another
reliable and accessible online payment method.

 Learn everything about the Square setup process and its use cases on this page.

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Quick transaction times are Square’s hallmark. Our partner‘s leading technology means you get your money with minimal delay and hurdles.

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Square is an industry leader in secure payment processing. Their system provides advanced encryption, security updates, and safe data storage.


Not only is Square suitable for all business sizes. They also provide extensive support to help you employ their solutions effortlessly.

How to use Square in ARI?

You need an active account to start using Square’s services in ARI. Create yours here, or jump to the Square login page if you have one already in use. Once your account is set up – you will be able to link both accounts with ease. You’ll also see a prompt
 to create one from the Square connection page.

Here’s how to do it.

Selecting Square as a Payment Processor

To set Square as your default online payment processor in ARI:

  • log in to ARI
  • open ARI Settings
  • go to Online Payment Setup
  • select the Square icon as illustrated on the image
  • click the Connect Now button on that page
  • make Square your primary payment method with the toggle button on the page

On the Square setup page – you will see the most relevant integration information. You can initiate linking your ARI and Square accounts with one of the buttons or links there. Once the process is complete – you can start taking client payments via Square.


Visit Square Support if you need any help regarding the account setup or troubleshooting on their side.

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linking square with ari

Connecting your Square Account to ARI

Make sure your Square account is active to start the integration. Follow the previous steps and go to the Square payment processing page in ARI.

Read the instructions and select the Connect Now button. This will take you back to your Square profile where you need to verify the app connection. You need to be logged in to complete that step.

Once you do that – your Square account will be paired to ARI and set as a default payment processor. If the integration is successful – a Pay Now button will appear on each of your Online Invoices.

This will also make Square your main payment processor, as seen on the Online Payments Setup page.

Keep an eye on the Square rates and integration updates to ensure you have up-to-date information about the integration.

Make Square your Primary Payment Method

To receive Square payments in ARI – you should mark it as your primary online payment processor. This happens with a toggle button once you have a successful connection. 

ARI supports only one payment processor connection at a time, and you can select the one you most often use. Additionally, you can disconnect from Square at any time or choose a different primary payment processor. 

Square as a main payment method
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Taking Square Online Payments in the App 

Now that your Square account is connected – you can start taking online payments from your clients.

To get your first Square payment in ARI  – create an Invoice/ Job Card from the respective menu, and populate it with labor items and parts.

After you finish adding parts and labor – click the Share button and select Share Online Invoice to send it to your clients.

Your clients can open it and pay via the Pay Now button in the top right corner. Funds will go straight to your Square account and you should see them within 1-2 business days after a client sends a transaction.

You can always track the payment status of your Invoices from the Payments view.

 Available in the US, UK, AU, CA, JP*

Start making online payments with Square and ARI!

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