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Company Profile Setup

all the settings available for your auto repair business

from logo upload to tax settings

Great Flexibility

ARI comes with a lot of feature and settings designed specifically for auto repair services

Heavy Customization

You can change almost any type of settings and action so that your business gets the best benefits

Easy to Understand

The ARI team pays special attention to making sure settings are properly documented and easy to understannd

How to Setup Your Auto Repair Company Profile

– follow these instructions to better understand the settings available to you-

company details icon

My Company Details

– mandatory info that shows on invoice –

In this section of the app, you can set up crucial details about your automotive repair company, including:

  • upload your auto repair company logo
  • save your signature (it will be printed on the invoice)
  • company name
  • tech name
  • address
  • email
  • details

All this info will show up on your invoice templates, so make sure you set up the right data here.

labor rates icon

Labor Rates

– predefined prices per hour –

Here you can edit and set up four different types of automotive repair labor rates, which you can later select when building your work orders. The default labor rates are

  • Primary
  • Diagnostic
  • Fleet
  • Miscellaneous

You edit both the names and the rate values of these labor types according to your business requirements and mechanic rates per hour.

labor rates icon

Parts Markup

– how much profit you make on parts –

The gain percentage between purchase cost and sale price will define your profit on auto repair parts that you sell as part of your repair process or over the counter. With ARI, you can define this part markup in the form of a percentage inside this settings page.

You can then easily add a markup to your parts via the Inventory page or straight when building your estimates. This can be a very convenient way to speed up your invoicing process.

ARI also supports multiple parts markups so feel free to setup up to 3 markups in order to create your markup matrix. You can select each of these in the Inventory, Estimates, or Purchase sections of the app.

Tax settings icon

Tax Setup

– create, edit, and activate taxes for your automotive repair company –

In order to run your automotive repair company inside the boundaries of the law, you need to make sure you are setting your taxes right. Luckily, ARI comes with a very flexible tax setup scheme that allows you to add up to 3 different types of taxes to your invoices

These are the default types

  • GST (Goods & Services Tax)
  • HST (Harmonized Sales Tax)
  • Federal Tax

You can edit these names and values at any time or activate/deactivate according to your business requirements.

In addition, you can also choose whether you want your parts and labor items to be taxable by default or not.

payment and disclosure icon

Payment & Disclosure

– add payment details to your auto repair invoice footer –

In this section of ARI profile setup, you can add info such as bank account details and other payment info that your users may require in order to send you money for your auto repair services.

All the info you add here will be visible at the bottom of your invoice templates unless you change the invoice settings to hide the footer altogether!

You can add your PayPal link and client ID in case you want your clients to pay you via PayPal. Plea note that for a true online payment experience, we recommend you use the Stripe integration.

employees icon


– add your staff on ARI –

Here you can add all your auto repair business employees and their respective roles. Once you add their details here, you will be able to select them in other areas of the app such as when creating an Expense record for their salary or when you want to assign a labor item to your mechanics.

Each employee needs to also have a role associated. You can choose between these available roles:

  • technician
  • driver
  • mechanic
  • electrician
  • dentor
  • painter
  • weldor
  • manager
  • accountant
  • supervisors
  • owner
  • all-rounder

Please note that employees are not the same as users of the app. You can create those at a later stage.

vendor and supplier icon


– log your parts suppliers info for later use and reporting –

Keeping track of your parts suppliers is a crucial part of any successful automotive repair business. With ARI, you can input your vendors info and store it in your profile. You can then use this info when ordering new parts or logging in expenses.

In addition, you can get detailed vendors reports. For instance, you can easily check how much money you have paid a particular vendor within a certain month.

Quick Notes in ARI

Quick Notes

– keep track of your notes without leaving ARI –

Whether you want to log a note about a particular vehicle or job card, or maybe you want to simply remind yourself to purchase a particular part, ARI Quick Notes will save you a lot of time and hassle.

Simply access the QuickNotes button on the ARI Pro version and add your notes there. You will then be able to import these notes easily inside your Invoices, estimates, or work orders.

discount icon

Discount Coupons

– promote your automotive repair business with coupons –

Do you want to get more clients into your auto repair shop? Then make sure you offer them a good reason to visit you for the first time and then come back for another service in the future. The best way to do that is by offering them a discount.

With ARI, you can create an unlimited number of discount coupons based on different discount values and codes. You can then print them and offer to your clients. All they have to do is show you the coupon code and after you enter it in ARI, the discount will be applied automatically.

label icon


– make your items pop out with custom labels –

You can add a label to almost any major item in ARI, including

  • clients
  • job cards
  • vehicles
  • purchases
  • expenses

All your labels will show up in the section of your Profile and you can edit or add more.

users roles icon

User Roles

– create detailed access roles for all your staff –

The most important thing to consider when choosing your next automotive repair software is the ability to add users. Maybe you are a small shop now, but surely your business will grow over the years, so you may want other people to access your business

However, each user may need a different type of access. For example, you may want your mechanics to be able to access only the Job Cards section but you don’t want them to access your reports or accounting. Similarly, your accountant may need access to your Purchases and Expenses, but they don’t need access to your list of Vehicles. And finally, you would want an Owner access for yourself, so you can access every aspect of your business.

Luckily, ARI lets you do all that, free of charge. You can set up as many access Roles as you want, and for each of those roles, you can create a very custom access option.

Read more about user roles here

add multiple users


– add multiple users to your ARI profile-

This is the most important feature you wanna have when running an auto repair shop with more than one mechanic. You want to add all your staff on ARI so that each of them can have dedicated access to only the part of the app you allow.

Go to the Users section and add as many users as you require. Each user needs to have a Role assigned. After you’re done adding all users, log out and then log back in

Your users will then log into their part of ARI using the main password for your account and then the unique passcodes that you set up when created the user.

Please note that you need to have an Owner account that will allow making further changes to the Profile. Never delete the Owner account or you will might lose access to the Profile or Settings parts of ARI.

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