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Reports & Statistics Features

Monitor, export, and control everything about your auto repair business!

From debit and credit to net income and tax – ARI has a report for everything

Export Data

download .CSV files for all your shop’s data

View Graphs

understand how your business is performing

Check Reports

selected reports based on daily, monthly, and yearly intervals

Watch How Your Auto Repair Business is Performing

– use smart tools to analyze your business performance –

Financial Reports

– check your financial movements –

Use ARI to track crucial changes in your auto repair shop’s financial movements. This way, you can stay on top of your business and never be taken by surprise.

Income & Expenses

View and export detailed reports about all the invoices you wrote in a month so you can have a clear understanding of your shop’s income. The same way you can check all the payments you’ve made to your vendors, part suppliers, providers, employees, etc!

Sales & Purchases

Check a detailed report of all the auto parts you sold in a particular month, day, or year. Export the data into a .CSV format so you can process it later on. Or, view all the purchases you’ve made for your automotive repair business.

Debit & Credit

With a simple click, ARI will show you how much money you own as well as how much money you are being owned by your auto shop’s customers. The credit and debit reports give you an instant view of how your month looks like in terms of the financial situation!

financial reports with ARI

purchase orders for auto shop accounting software

Inventory Reports

– see how many items you have in your stock –

Tracking stock movement is a key element in the Reports & Stats feature of ARI. Not only it allows you to view your stock situation, but it also allows you to export all your car parts data.

Parts & Services

Here you can get a very clear view of how many parts you sold and labor services you have performed.

Inventory & Net Profit

Check what parts you have in stock and what services are you offering. You can also see the total value of all your car parts combined per day, month, or year.

Employee Reports

– know everything about your employees –

A complete auto repair software needs to have a comprehensive set of tools that allow shop owners to have a clear view of how their employees are performing.

Work Assigned

See how much work and what labor items have been assigned to each of your mechanics. You can filter your report by date and name, and you can also download the whole data for post-processing.

 Time Tracked

ARI comes with Clock and Clock out functionality per labor item. In other words, when you assign a job to one of your technicians, a clock gets started automatically by the system. When the job is completed, the clock will stop and the time will be added to the report. This allows you to see how many hours a particular mechanic has worked in a particular time interval.

Salaries Paid

Get detailed reports and stats on how much you spent on salaries last month. These reports are easy to read and understandable. You can also check total, paid, and amounts.

salaries reports and stats for auto shop employees

reports and stats for auto repair shops

Beautiful Graphs, Reports, and Stats

– detrimental to any auto repair shop –

Analyze your car repair business easily and effectively. Watch colorful graphs so that you can immediately estimate if this gonna be a good month for your business.

Sales per Month

Get a simple graph that shows you how your monthly sales are going based on the number of generated invoices and payments recorded.

Invoices per Year

How many auto repair invoices have you created this year? Are you on track with your business goals? Check it in the ARI’s reporting section!

Due Payments

Are you being owned money? Then you should jump right onto your ARI app and check the detailed report and stats in order to understand who’s invoices are due. All this from a highly affordable auto repair software!

Looking for comprehensive stats and reports for your auto repair business?

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