ARI Platforms

 You can access ARI(Auto Repair Software) on all major digital platforms. 

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ARI for the Web

Available for all popular web browsers. 

ARI for Google Chrome 

Aside from the AndroidiOS, and Windows app versions that we put at your disposal, we also offer a Web version that runs on any major Internet browser. This is very useful in cases when you want to access your ARI account quickly from our website or you prefer to do your auto repair management work in the browser using a big screen as opposed to the smaller screen of mobile devices. We strongly recommend using Google Chrome as your preferred browser when using ARI. This is mostly because we did extensive testing of our auto repair app on the Chrome browser and we are very confident you won’t bounce into any weird issues. Chrome is one of the most popular browsers today used by millions of people. If you don’t have Chrome installed on your PC already, then click on the button to download Google Chrome on your device. After that, access our auto repair app straight from the Chrome browser.
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ARI for Firefox, Opera, & Edge

Although we recommend using Chrome when possible, ARI has strong support  on other browsers too. All you need to do is make sure you allow the right permissions when prompted so that our auto repair app can function properly.

In general, accessing ARI from your browsers directly is a major perk for most auto repair shop owners. Not only that it allows you to create invoices and estimates easier, but it also offers you a fallback solution in cases when the mobile app may not working properly due to whatever reason.

Also, adding pictures to your vehicles or auto repair parts is much easier when you can use your computer instead of your mobile device in cases when all your photos are stored on your PC.

ARI for Safari

The ARI team has worked hard trying to make sure you and your auto repair staff can access ARI on any device, platform, or browser, including Apple’s Safari. Although this browser is a bit different than the rest, you can rest assure that you can add clients, manage inventory, or track payments using your Apple device. Safari is the most popular browser for Macs and is being developed by Apple. It currently works best on Apple devices only and so we don’t recommend installing it and then running ARI on any other devices than Apple. Accessing your favorite auto repair app straight in your Safari browser is definitely an advantage, however, we strongly encourage you to use the iOS ARI on all iPhones or iPad. This is because some features of the app work best on the mobile app.
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The best way to update the ARI for Web is to refresh the page several times until the ARI version changes to the latest version available. you can do that by hitting CTRL+F5 several times on Windows. On ios, try to clear the cache of the browser. In addition, follow this guide for more info:  ARI update guide.

Yes, you can purchase a subscription to our monthly or yearly plans straight from inside the web app. Simply go to ARI Settings/Subscriptions and choose the right type for your business. You will be able to checkout using PayPal or directly your Debit or Credit card. You can also manage your subscription from your payPal dashboard

This is most probably due to the fact that the Select File button showed up either at the bottom of the screen or on top. If you tried to select a picture from your device to attach it to your inspection, vehicle, or part but you don’t see the Select button, scroll up and down the page and look for a Select button. Press it and that will open a new window which will allow you to select a photo.

ARI for Android

Access ARI on all Android devices by downloading through the Google Play Store. 

ARI for Android Phones

ARI is designed to be a mobile-first auto repair app. This is because mechanics need to be able to use ARI in the garage and on the move. It is important to mention that ARI for mobile phones is a standalone app, not just a website that renders on your mobile phone. It takes advantage of your phone’s hardware to make your repair experience as smooth as possible Here’s why you should download and install ARI app on your mobile phone In addition, you can also use ARI on multiple devices by creating multiple users. This will give your staff the opportunity to use our auto repair app on any device they prefer.
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ARI for Tablets

As any mechanic would tell you, the real work is being done in the garage, underneath the car. That’s when you understand what exactly needs to be fixed in order to put the vehicle back on the road safely. So, it is crucial that you can access your auto repair app right on your tablet while on the move. ARI has the ability to adapt to any screen size, so the naturally bigger screens of tablets are perfect for using ARI on the go when having to add parts to your estimates or check upcoming repairs. The bigger screen will allow you to use ARI even when wearing gloves or buttons are too small to press on a phone. Another advantage is when you perform vehicle diagnosys using our OBD2 feature. It is incredibly simple to take your laptop inside the car, plug in the OBD2 dongle, connect ARI to it and then read and delete engine error codes, monitor engine performance, or read various logs.

ARI for Chromebooks

Most Chromebooks have the ability to download and install ARI straight from the Google Play app. Basically, you just need to log into your Google Play account, find ARI (Auto Repair Software) and then download and Open just like any other app. ARI will automatically adapt to your screen size so you can take full advantage of the bigger screen. This is very important for members of your auto repair shop who prefer to use a laptop instead of phone or tablet for their repair tasks. For instance, your accountant will be very happy to know that they can create expenses and track purchases inside ARI from a big screen with a keyboard rather than having to type down on a tablet. The same goes when you add parts to your inventory and need to do that fast and easy.
inventory management Macbook


In general, Google Play apps update automatically when the phone is plugged in and connected to a WiFi network. However, if you want to make sure you’re using the latest version, then please follow this  ARI update guide.

Yes, you can subscribe to our monthly or yearly plans straight from inside the app. Simply go to ARI Settings/Subscriptions and choose the right plan for you. You will be able to checkout using your Google account. You can also manage your subscription from your Google Play profile!

Although ARI tries to behave and look exactly the same on all platforms and devices, we are still using completely separate apps for Android, iOS, and Web. This means that there are slight differences between devices. For instance, the way ARI handles emailing is different on mobile than on Web or Windows. Also, the printing function works differently on mobile. In general, we advise using the mobile apps whenever possible.

ARI for iOS

Use ARI on all Apple devices by downloading it from the Apple App Store. 

ARI for Your iPhone

Except for mobility and comfort, there are many other benefits of using the ARI for iPhone app. Here are some of the best advantages of being able to access your auto repair business from your iPhone: And there are many other benefits of installing the ARI for iPhone app. Obviously, it is free and comes at absolutely no additional cost to you.
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ARI for iPad

ARI works great on iPads. That’s because the screen is bigger and so it’s much easier to type and create estimates or invoices. in addition, our mechanics have reported that building inspections on ARI for iPads is really one of the easiest things they’ve done in a long time.

As an auto repair business owner, you can also check stats and reports in order to make sure that your business is running smoothly and stays profitable.

inventory management Macbook

ARI for MAC 

As of iOS 15, you should be able to download and use any iOS app from the Apple Store right inside your Mac. ARI is designed to work the same regardless of the device is running on. The info is synced to the cloud and then distributed to all your devices. In case your Mac is not compatible with ARI, then you can still use the Web Version on any Apple device connected to the Internet.
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In general, Apple makes sure to automatically update your ARI app when a new version is being rolled out. However, in case that does not happen and you know for sure you’re not using the latest version, then we suggest you follow the ARI update guide.

Absolutely you can. Simply go to ARI Settings/Subscriptions and choose the monthly or yearly plan. You will be able to check out using your iCloud id. You can also manage your subscription from your iTunes

ARI for Microsoft

Use Our Auto Repair App on Your Windows PC

Installation guide

STEP 1 – Download

The first thing you need to do is download the ARI files on your Windows PC. This is just as normal as downloading any other program. All you have to do is click the button on the right and let the files download on your PC

The ARI files will normally download in your Download folder in the form of a .zip file called ARI_Windows. Go to the next step to install ARI on your computer!


STEP 2 – Extract App Files

The next thing you need to do is extract the files from the archived folder you’ve just downloaded in step 1. Follow the instructions below:

  • open the folder where you downloaded the ARI for Windows file (by default should be the Download folder)
  • right-click on ARI_Windows.zip file
  • Extract All

If all goes well, you should see a new folder by the name ARI_Windows. Open that folder and move to the next step.


STEP 3 – Allow Access

Follow the instructions below on the pictures to your right in order to give access to ARI to run on your Windows computer. This step is crucial or else the auto repair app will not be able to start.

  • double-click on ARI.exe to open the file
  • on the blue window that appears, click More Info
  • click on Run Anyway in order to start the app

At this point, ARI app should open up on your Windows PC and you should be able to log in and use it just like on other devices.


Step 4 – Create a Shortcut

The whole point of downloading and installing an auto repair app on your Windows PC is so that you can access it fast and easy. In order not to have to open the ARI folder every time, create a shortcut on your desktop so you have it handy.

  • right-click on the ari.exe file
  • create a shortcut
  • copy the shortcut file from the folder to your desktop, or any other folder that is convenient to you
  • access ARI from that shortcut

At this point, you should have an easy way to access ARI on your windows PC, laptop or desktop.



After you click the Attach Picture button, make sure you scroll up or down and locate a new button that says “Choose File”. Click on it and select the picture you want to upload.

The best way to update your ARI app for Windows is to delete the shortcut and the files from your PC and then download and install new ones from the site. Do NOT install a new version without deleting the old one as you may end up with 2 versions of ARI and that can cause problems. Follow this guide on how to update your ARI

Simply drag the corners of the window until you reach the desired size. ARI is designed to be dynamic regardless of the size of the window.

There are many benefits of being able to download and install our auto repair program on your Windows computer. The most important one is convenience. Your staff will definitely appreciate having an icon on their desktop from where they can open the app instantly.

Another advantage is speed. When installed on your device, the app will be faster than the Web version as it leverages your PC power for some of its internal functions.