Tire Change Season & Equipment

Are you ready for more tire changes this summer? Well, you should be! The cold months are in the rearview mirror and it’s time for people to change to summer tires. If your shop is not yet equipped, it’s never too late. Among the most essential items on your list should be wheel balancers, tire changers, and an easy-to-use auto shop management software.

Must-Have Tire Changing Equipment

Assuming tires are not your main service but you still want to get customers here and there, check out these absolute musts that you need to get.

Wheel Balancers

Make sure you have wheel balancer equipment that can accommodate the tire sizes you service. Ranger and Corghi are among the best brands you should consider having in your shop.

  • Ranger Wheel Balancer – With nearly a decade of development in balance technologies, Ranger has produced highly accurate and reliable wheel balancers. Their 100% proven direct axis drive system ensures precise balancing for wheels of any diameter, whether it’s a small car or heavy-duty truck tires.
  • Corghi Wheel Balancer – For the last 50 years, Corghi has been the leading manufacturer of various wheel balancers. Every professional auto repair shop can confidently invest in a Corghi wheel balancer.

Tire Changers

Tire changers have different features and options to accommodate various tire sizes. Don’t forget to choose quality tire changers designed to work with the tire sizes and types you are servicing. Here are a couple of changes worth investing in.

  • Corghi 120 Semi-automatic Swinging Arm Tire Changer – Depending on whichever stage of the service procedure is required, the swing arm can move horizontally left or right to place the duck head close to or away from the rim. For rims of different widths, the duck head is positioned at the appropriate height by moving up or down on the vertical slide. Use a strap to secure the vertical slide around the tire rim so that it remains in place.
  • Hofmann Monty 1520 EMX Motorcycle / ATV Tire Changer W – The Hofmann Monty 1520m and 1520emx are made to replace any kind of tire on a motorcycle or off-road vehicle, including those with challenging Harley Davidson belt drive wheels. When servicing a wheel, the clamping jaws are meant to save extra work by removing the brake disc, sprocket, or drive pulley. The clamping jaws on both tire changers are standard. Both enable tire replacement for cars and light trucks.

Why Shop Management Software Is Also a Must

Have you ever struggled to find the right tire size or needed more stock to meet customer demands? A modern tire shop inventory management software can save the day.

Automated Stock Updates

Imagine having a customer in urgent need of a specific tire size when you realize it’s out of stock. With tire inventory management software, such occurrences are no longer possible. The software constantly updates stock levels in real time and provides accurate and up-to-date inventory information. Integrated solutions allow seamless access to real-time inventory data. They streamline the ordering process and increase efficiency and customer trust.

Optimized Space Management

A do-it-all shop management software can help maximize space in a busy tire shop by providing accurate sales and inventory reports, allowing for efficient streamlining of inventory and a better workflow.

Efficiency and Time Savings

Modern inventory management software automates repetitive processes. This is how time-consuming manual tasks are eliminated. Such tasks include generating purchase orders and tracking stock levels.

Cost Reduction

Because it optimizes inventory levels, tire shop inventory software reduces holding costs and frees up cash flow for other business needs. Maintaining optimal stock levels minimizes the risk of overstocking and stockouts.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Auto repair software facilitates the delivery of fast and reliable service by ensuring accurate stock levels. This makes possible the quick fulfillment of customer orders and enhances customer satisfaction.

ARI Can Make Everything Easier for You

Whether you are after that tire season or you want to step up your shop game, know that ARI is always here to help. We offer solutions to anything related to car repair – from client and vehicle management to marketing and time tracking. The best thing is that you can test ARI’s shop management software for free!