AI Annotations ARI v.13

Here are the latest feature highlights from our recent update ARI(Auto Repair Software) v.13.

We are presenting AI Annotations for Vehicle Inspections. Giving you the convenience of quickly detecting potential damage done to a vehicle. Instead of drawing and describing the issue – the AI will tell you what’s wrong with the vehicle – be it a dent, a scratch, a deformation, a crack, or something else.

Let’s show you how to use the feature in real-time.

Using AI Annotations in ARI

The AI Annotation provides additional context to your Vehicle Inspections. When the inspection checklist and pictures are not enough – you can use the AI to simplify damage reporting. Just upload a picture, and the AI will detect and list any potential damages. Those are transferred as notes next to the image for your reference.

Here are the steps to use it:

Inspections -> Create/ Open an Inspection -> Pictures -> Automatic Annotations

*Each AI Annotation use costs 10 ARI Credits!
*This is a developing AI feature. Results might not always be 100% accurate.

AI Annotations(damage detection) for vehicle inspections gif

We are working to implement more AI tools to help you manage your auto repair workflow. AI for auto repair is here to stay, and we need your feedback to improve the app.

Please tell us what you think about the feature in the comments, and share the article on social media if you found it helpful!