The Ultimate Guide to Auto Repair Labor Times

The emergence and generation of every new era brings about more technological development and enhancements to make life and existence comfortable, better, and straightforward. The aids that these developments bring to us reach almost all aspects of our lives, so it is not surprising that it provides relief with measuring auto repair labor times.

How to Measure Car Repair Times Correctly

Measuring auto repair labor times helps dispense the ideal charge for a repair session, as customers are charged for auto repair labor based on auto repair labor times. The cost of a damage repair will include additional parts, installations, and, most importantly, time spent on work. A mechanic should correctly calculate his auto repair labor time; there are many means a mechanic can employ to calculate this, and they are:

1. Using a Labor Guide Catalog

Labor guide catalogs give you an estimated repair time, especially for circumstances where there are less experienced mechanics, fewer specialty tools, and a lack of available parts. Because of this, repairs are not timed. Therefore, labor guide companies provide an added estimated amount of time to this kind of repairs, unlike the standard repair time supplied by unique manufacturers which doesn’t leave time for uncertainties. Some of the most famous labor guide catalogs for auto repair labor times are;

Mechanics are paid based on their factory-provided time or labor guide time.

2. Tracking Time While Doing Repairs

It is useful to track your time while doing repairs; it will help you calculate the amount of auto repair labor time you’ve spent, which will give you the estimation of charges to request. You can track your time by using the good old fashion tracker, or you can opt for a more efficient and sophisticated medium like ARI.

ARI is an auto repair software designed adequately for mechanics, auto repair shops, and car dealers. One of its most used features is Time Tracking. Basically, you can start multiple time clocks for every single repair job that takes place in your shop. Once the job is completed, the time is added to the invoice automatically and your labor cost is calculated accordingly.

3. Specialized Software that Gives Estimated Labor Times for Car Repairs

There are lots of specialized software designs that you can rely on to track estimates. Some of the popular brands are; RepairsTracker, ARI, Maintenance Pro, and Hellotracks. All of these software come with amazing features that would help auto repair shop owners and mechanics manage their business better.

For instance,  ARI (Auto Repair Software) comes with an additional feature that helps mechanics and auto shop owners get accurate labor times on maintenance or repair jobs. The feature is called Diagnosis and can generate:

  • Repair Reports
  • Maintenance (+/- 1000 miles) reports
  • Full Maintenance reports
  • Upcoming Maintenance reports

Here’s an example of how a repair labor report looks like

example of how a labor estimate report looks like

This software helps you prevent mistakes, enjoy organization with ease, save more time and reduce costs, among many other benefits.

In conclusion, mechanics, automobile shops, and car dealers should make use of guides for calculating, estimating, and recording auto repair labor time. The advent of labor guides and tracking software for automobile repairs such as ARI presents a lot of benefits that must be harnessed and embraced for optimal results.