Are you using ARI to its fullest potential – see if those features can help your auto repair business.


After many years of hard work and constant updates – we’ve developed a lot of useful features in our auto repair app.

Naturally, some of them can go unnoticed, and you might not make use of those productivity and time management tools in our software.

That’s why we wanted to remind you about a few improvements we made in the recent app updates.

The list below consists of features that help organize different tasks and monitor the performance of your auto repair business.


ARI Business Data Dashboard

This functionality allows you to bring almost all important business information in one place. That helps you track business results. On that basis, you can make assumptions about the performance and analyze how customers interact with your business.

The performance dashboard is easy to navigate and you can access it straight from the main menu.


Recommended Services

Your expertise as a mechanic or a shop owner can be invaluable in some situations. With the recommended services feature, you can take advantage of that and make different service recommendations whenever you find it appropriate.

This way you can upsell some of your services or give advice that will be appreciated by your customers. To access this feature – open an existing job card from the Job Cards view, click on a labor item, and mark a service as recommended.


Damage Reports

Identifying damaged areas on a vehicle makes your work easier. ARI’s damage reports let you place red dots to indicate where the damage is. This feature has 5 basic vehicle templates you can choose from – Sedan, SUV, Trailer, etc. Additionally, you can upload your damage report template while working on a specific vehicle.

You can open a damage report from the Inspections view whenever you have an active inspection open.


Automatic Service Reminders

ARI has the option to send automatic service reminders to your clients whenever their service is due.

To set that up successfully, you need to see if your client has a valid e-mail address and mark the “Send Automatic Reminders“ checkbox. You can access that feature from the “Service Reminders“ view


What else you can get from ARI?

Each ARI feature you utilize can boost your productivity in multiple ways.

If you want to manage your finances more efficiently – you can use our advanced accounting options, payment tracking, and reliable online payments or POS terminal payments infrastructure.

If you want to see overall improvements in your technical work – try using our service history feature, vehicle inspections, VIN decoder, and vehicle diagnostics options.

And if you want to develop an effective business – you can use our reports feature, assign user roles to your staff, check the business data dashboard, and let customers book your services online.