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User Sessions in ARI v.12

The newly introduced ARI(Auto Repair Software) feature – User Sessions, helps your team and removes some of the confusion when editing essential business files. User Sessions in Activity Logs User Sessions are a way to […]


ARI v.10.4 Update – Service Reminders Additions

Improving our Service Reminders feature was one of the most significant changes of our latest v.10.4 ARI(Auto Repair Software) update. In this article, you will learn how the new Service Reminders flow impacts your work. […]


ARI V.10 Update – SMS sending option from the web app

ARI’s latest V.10 update includes a new way of notifying clients about invoices. You can now send SMS with job cards and estimate data through the web app. You can do that for your entire […]

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How to Update my ARI app

Follow this guide to make sure you’re always using the latest ARI version It’s crucial that you keep your app updated all the time. This not only ensures that you have access to the latest […]