ARI V9.6 – PartsTech, Multiple lines, Tax Settings, and more

ARI V9.6 is here

Here are some of the most important changes in this release

Tax Settings

You can now change the default tax setting for parts and labor items.

IMPORTANT: follow the instructions below before you create any new invoices or jobcards

Go to Profile/Tax Setup scroll down to Tax Settings and change the checkboxes according to your business requirements. Hit the Save button even if you did not make any changes.

From now on, all new parts or labor items added to your invoices will have the default Taxable field loaded according to the settings above.

PartsTech Integration

This allows you to order parts from your favorite local suppliers right from inside ARI. Before you can do this, you first need to create yourself a free PartsTech account and then connect it to ARI.

NOTE: PartsTech currently works only in US and Canada for now.

Click for PartsTech Integration Guide

Multiple lines on invoices

You can add multiple lines on your invoices by simply pressing the Enter button (new line) on the input fields. The supported fields are

  • labor description
  • invoice notes
  • disclosure

Custom Online Booking Fields

This allows you to add your own additional fields to your online booking page. Here’s how to do it:

go to Appointments -> More -> Additional Info and add new fields that you require to be answered by your clients.

These will then appear on your online booking page. If not set to Optional, then the info will be mandatory for your users in order to send an appointment.

Tax Reports

We have added separate Tax reports for Invoices, Expenses and Purchases. You can access them by going to Reports -> Tax Reports

We have also added taxes to Expenses and Purchases. To check them, simply go to Reports -> Income & Expenses

Other Fixes

  • category import when adding part in invoice
  • hours import when adding labor items to invoice
  • CarFax history report works outside US now
  • alphabetical sorting of labor, tires, and packages
  • payment select in invoice fixed
  • make & model selection fix
  • removed Tax subtraction from profit (invoice needs to be resaved)
  • speed and reliability improvements.

We hope you enjoy this new release and stay tuned for more cool stuff coming out soon.

Let us know if you have any questions!