Check Out The New Features Rolled out in ARI V9.7.0

We have just rolled out the biggest ARI update for 2021. Follow this guide to update ARI so that you can use the latest features.


Grid View

We have implemented a grid/table view that makes it much easier to manage your data. Currently, the grid view will load by default on the Web and Windows versions of the app, for the following modules:

  • Clients
  • Vehicles
  • Invoices
  • Estimates
  • JobCards
  • Inspections

With the new grid view, you have the capacity to sort, filter, search, and reorder your items much easier and faster.

auto repair invoice gridview
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You can now easily change the status of a jobcard by simply drag-and-drop on the corresponding column. In addition, you can also reorder your Jobcards. This means you can move a jobcard up the list so your mechanics can prioritize it.

move and order jobcards (1)
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Employee Payslips

You can now generate employee payslips based on their assigned tasks and labor times through the month. Head out to the Accounting module and create a new Expense. Select Salary as an expense type, choose your employee and then import their time logs right inside the expense record.

Click the Items button to view all the imported time logs and then adjust the rates and total if necessary. Once done, click the Save Change button. You can now preview the Payslip template at the bottom of the page.

import auto repair labor times
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Vehicle Service History with ARI

See all the parts you used and services your performed on any of your vehicles. Export the data so you can create complex reports about vehicle service history.

vehicle history report from ARI
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Part Usage History

Find out on which vehicle one of your part ended up on. Get reports on how many times a similar part has been used overall. This can help you track down part history and also create detailed reports about your part usage.

items table in Expense
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Other Changes

  • PDF files generated on Web and Windows are of much better quality now
  • download PDF option in invoices, inspections, etc.
  • JobCards/ Add Parts/ ID field now exposes a table dropdown that allows you to easily select a part and even see the stock qty.
  • inventory update is much smarter now. It will remember previous values and add/remove parts from stock only when necessary.
  • removed estimates from Profit reports
  • group inventory by category by drag-and-drop the category column on the grid header.
  • service reminders will show customer name from now on
  • hide Total/Paid/Due on home page when the user does not have View Invoice rights;
  • search invoices and estimates by license plate or unit number
  • speed updates
  • various bug fixes

If you have requested a change that did not make the cut for this update, rest assured we’ll implement it next.

If you have any feedback for us, pls don’t hesitate to write us back.



  • If you are using multiple devices, make sure you always refresh your list before creating a new item. You can use the Refresh button on most of the pages. If there is no refresh button, then pull down to list to refresh it. This will guarantee that you’re always working on the latest dataset.
  • If you have issues with the Web app, make sure you refresh with CTRL+F5 to clear the cache.
  • if your screen freezes on the Client page, double-tap the mobile screen on an white part of the page to unfreeze.