Things you should know about ARI(Auto Repair Software)

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This article will give you more context on how your business can benefit from utilizing an auto repair app. We will also share some tips to help you browse our resources more efficiently.

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Running an auto repair business can oftentimes be challenging. And it’s good when you have something that clears miscellaneous tasks effectively so you can get important work done.

Our software can help you get the following:


Efficiency and productivity

Having to deal with lots of paperwork and documentation complicates your work unnecessarily. With auto repair software, things become much easier – you can handle everything from one place. ARI helps you do just that – manage your invoices, tasks, vehicles, inventory, accounting, payments, and more in a single app.

That way you can focus on the auto repair tasks entirely.


Cleaner workflow

ARI’s interface is built to let you handle auto repair tasks effortlessly. We know how mechanics and shop owners operate and use that understanding to simplify things for you. When you use our app you don’t have to set up many things, or remember multiple controls – all important functionalities are available in the main view.

That makes it easy for you to open an invoice, a job card, manage vehicle parts, or browse through the menus.


Business advantages

If you have a well-organized workflow – you can spend time improving the quality of your services. With a single hour of work, you can produce much better results. This can attract more customers and help you build a better reputation.

That way you can become better recognizable within your community.


Better customer relations

ARI has many options that help you create a better connection with your customers. With the app, you can create your e-mail marketing campaigns. You can also track where your users come from to stay on top of their behavior. Also, you can send them personalized service reminders whenever their vehicle needs a specific service.


Software build on feedback

Most of the features we recently added to our app came as a result of a discussion between us and our customers. This means if you decide to try the app now and something is missing – we can add it later on.

We grow thanks to your feedback.

If you find any of those helpful – you can make an account on our app for free and test some
features yourself to see if they are what you are looking for.

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