The 6 Best KPIs for an Auto Repair Shop


Monitoring the development of an auto repair shop is one of the essential things shop owners can do to improve customer service quality and develop their business. However, several additional considerations are taken into account to maintain quality, which can be time-consuming. Therefore, the most effective strategy is to use KPIs that assist shop owners and mechanics in keeping a record of the critical components.


Top 6 Best KPIs for an Auto Repair Shop

There are various KPIs available for use in business, and it may be challenging to choose suitable KPIs that will contribute to a company’s growth. Therefore, we have provided you with a list of the top 6 best KPIs which can be an excellent tool for your auto repair shop analytics.


Utilization Rate

This procedure is essential in any business because it calculates the ratio between the number of vehicles that an auto business manufactures over some time and the number of cars that the company might be able to produce with the most efficient use of its labor and time over a similar time. Being a shop owner and keeping track will allow you to establish benchmarks and become more cost-effective as you save money while offering high-quality service.


Efficient Labor Rate

Utilizing this indication will assist you in calculating the direct revenue that you are generating every hour. It is possible to determine an effective labor rate by dividing the total money generated from labor by the total number of labor hours recorded. When you do so, you can identify any form of disparity and swiftly fix it. An efficient labor rate indicates that the business is generating money effectively.


Net Profit Margin

Net Profit is probably one of the most important factors to monitor. This indicator will inform shop owners of their projections and the state of the business in the future. A significant difference between the actual revenue and the net profit margins signals a problem you must address quickly. Shop owners and mechanics can protect themselves from suffering a substantial financial setback in the future by doing so. You could also use an auto repair app for advanced reports and data breakdown.


Customer Retention

A happy customer is always a return customer. If you have loyal customers, you must ensure that you prioritize these customers first. Good auto repair software will assist you in determining which customers to focus on based on many factors. You can view customer data based on average repair costs, total repairs, average repairs per year, and many more. This way, you can improve each customer’s service quality.


Inventory Turn

This procedure will give you a thorough understanding of your auto repair shop inventory. Inventory turn is a key performance indicator (KPI) that indicates the percentage of empty inventory, which assists the firm in determining if it has taken on too much inventory or too less. It also shows how long it might take to sell out—allowing you to be more competent.



Downtime is every auto shop owner’s greatest fear. Downtime is typically quite costly and can be very extreme at times. Auto repair shops are perhaps the most expensive place for downtime. Downtime in certain areas might cost between $20,000 and $50,000 per minute. Make use of auto repair shop management software to prevent more issues. It will assist you in assessing the information more accurately, allowing you to improve your average downtime.


Final Takeaway

Maintaining a record of the KPIs as a shop owner can significantly assist you when making decisions based on your business. Keeping track of everything can help you identify the areas where you need to improve. Therefore, utilizing these KPIs to improve your auto repair shop is highly recommended.